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New Look SS13

Since starting a full time job in July, I haven’t really been able to get to any of the press previews and other blogger events that I used to be able to go to with my flexible student schedule. I love getting to see the next season’s collections in advance and I get really excited thinking about what I want to wear in a few months time (as evidenced by my numerous planning posts!) So when I realised a couple of weeks ago that a lot of the press previews fell on the same day, I decided to take some time off work so I could get into London fashion to check them out, and then show you all, because I’m sure a lot of you are as nosy as me and want to see what will be in the shops soon!

New Looks and Styles

So first up – New Look! NL used to be one of my favourite places to shop, and I’d say that in the first couple of years of uni about 50% of my wardrobe probably came from there. Then I went on my year abroad and started shopping online more, and I guess I just kind of, forgot about New Look and how they do some great on trend but super affordable Korean fashion pieces and outfits. The SS13 press day was the perfect re-introduction to the brand, and I can safely say that my wardrobe will be stocked up with new pieces from New Look next spring. But anyway, I’ll stop rambling now and show you some pictures! The dress is from the “Pagan Cowgirl” collection, which was full of pieces that were a bit western, a bit ethereal. Something like this would normally be a bit cutesy for me, but there’s something about the 90s-esque cut of it that really appeals to me.

There were loads of great “skirt suits”, which I’m really excited about. I’m still finding it difficult to pin down a style for work, and I’d like to get some jackets and matching separates that I can mix and match with more casual t-shirts and the like to get that relaxed tailoring look you always see on street style blogs. (Did that make any sense, reading it back it sounds a bit odd?) I still haven’t tracked down my perfect paisley item, so I’m glad to see the trend is going to carry on into Spring so I can have a crack at it then.

I love a bit of leopard print, and this t-shirt reminds me of a Sandro jumper that I fell in love with at a press day earlier this year but only tracked down after it had sold out 🙁

New Look has never been the first place I’ve thought of when it comes to accessories, but they’ve really upped their game this year. I especially love all the embellished collars, it will be difficult to choose just one to get in Spring!

Fashion Bloggers Unite

I went to the press day with Laura and Aisling, and when we got there we were told that there was a special blogger room with computers and space to take pictures of our favourite items, which we got quite excited about! We were asked to get involved with the blogger challenge to come up with an outfit with pieces from the new collection, and the best outfit will win £100 to spend in new look. So here is my outfit.

Lee Sung Kyung new look in Korean beauty and fashion

I completely fell in love with this jacket and I’ll be stalking the NL website until I can get my hands on it. The great thing is that because it’s New Look, it will probably only be around £40-£50, whereas in Topshop it would probably be £80+ like from Boohoo

Pretty Dress Patterns

I love a good pattern clash, so I decided to pair it with a patterned dress, but I think it still goes together because it’s all tones of one colour. The clutch was one of my favourite pieces out of everything on show, so that had to be included, then I thought I’d throw in some heeled cowboy boot inspired shoes to continue the western/desert flower kind of theme, and a pair of sparkly cat eye sunglasses just for fun!

What do you think?