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Slouch and Stripes

18 and East jumper*
Motel Rocks jeans*
Clothing at Tesco boots

This jumper is another amazing piece from 18 and East. The slouchy fit and super soft yarn dress make it so comfy to wear, but the low v-back gives it that something special that sets it apart from your everyday slobby jumper fashion. It’s so unusual that it gets a lot of comments and compliments whenever I wear it, and because of it I’ve now turned my colleagues at work on to 18 and East. The brand seems to be known mainly for their pretty prints and whimsical dresses, but they’ve knocked it out of the park on the more casual pieces this season too. (You can see my post wearing 18 and East cigarette trousers here.)

I really like this rich plum colour, (I think it goes pretty well with the ginge!), but if you’re not a fan, it also comes in grey.

Whilst grabbing the links for this post from the 18 and East fashion site, I’ve just seen that their Christmas collection is all online now, and I’ve fallen in love with these gorgeous beaded kimono jackets and Korean hanbok. I think it would be lovely if Santa would bring me both the black and the cream! (Wishful thinking…)

Boohoo #KnitB4Xmas

I LOVE Christmas, but I usually have a rule about not letting myself get excited about it or celebrate in any way before the 1st December. I made an exception for the Boohoo #KnitB4Xmas event however – comedy Christmas jumpers and sub-zero cocktails? Count me in!

Fashionable New Place: ICEBAR

The event was held at ICEBAR just off Regent Street. If you haven’t heard of it, basically, it does what it says on the tin, it’s a bar made of ice. It’s -5°C in there and even the glasses are made of ice! Fortunately they give you a *ahem* “designer thermal cape” to wear which has gloves attached to the sides, like when you were at primary school and your mum sewed strings to your mittens so you couldn’t lose them!

The Evening’s Dress/Jumper

I call this my “frozen elf” look…

korean style dress with beautiful ocean background


The looking slightly daft-ness didn’t stop there. The point of the event, as I’m sure you can gather from the name, was to show off Boohoo’s fun Xmas jumpers (and pretty partywear, but that doesn’t have nearly as much comedy value.) Not only could we dress up in novelty knits and have our photo taken, they then superimposed tacky festive backgrounds onto the images. This was right up mine and Sherin’s street, and we may have hogged the photographer for a bit longer than we should have.

With Robyn from 7thingsmedia, Sherin and Natasha from Girl in the Lens.

My New Go-To Style

Me + Sherin + cocktails + Xmas jumpers = one of my favourite photos ever and my new go-to style. This stunner is now decorating my desk at work.

Of course it just wouldn’t be Christmas without the big man himself!

Err yeah. One of the Boohoo womens section girls told me he didn’t quite look like the picture on the website they booked him from. He told me he liked reindeer… to eat!

Do you have a cheesy Christmas jumper? I have a knitted dress with reindeer on and my new Christmas pudding hat, and now I’m pretty tempted by the Boohoo fat Santa jumper too!