Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cosmo Blog Awards outfit

This is super late as the Cosmo Blog Awards were quite a while ago now, but better late than never!

Parker dress lent by Wish Want Wear*
Carvela shoes via TK Maxx

Sorry the pictures aren't the best, the event was held in a club so the lighting was quite difficult. You can see how lovely and sparkly the dress was though!
I was lent this beautiful dress to wear by Wish Want Wear, which is a designer dress hire company. This particular dress is called the "scoop back Gatsby dress" by Parker, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the 1920s shape and the all-over beading (it was really heavy!) It was a bit of a wrench sending it back!

I didn't win anything at the awards, but it was amazing just to be nominated. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, and I'm really sorry to have been a terrible blogger lately. I'm going to pull my socks up now and post more regularly!


  1. ooh laa laa! you are look so chic in that dress.

  2. That dress looks gorgeous on you. Love the 20's feel to it.

  3. wow, such a showstopping dress!

  4. You're so lucky to be able to pull of a drop-waist shape like this! 20s dresses just have inbuilt glamour but I could never wear the shapes :( You look lovely :) Just starting up a new blog if you have time for a quick look, I love yours!

  5. I love this dress on you, totally glamorous!

    Maria xxx

  6. I like your outfit very cool and nice..

  7. I love the Twenties inspired silhouette. The dress is so stunning! :)

  8. Very nice dress ...reminds me of the charleston.

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection UK Handbags&Jewellery


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