Sunday, 18 November 2012

Autumn Winter Planning - Balmain

The third and final of my "Autumn Winter Planning" series, following Dolce and Gabbana and Versace.

Once again, it's not at all surprising that I love the AW12 Balmain collection. Lots of dark colours, leather and velvet (I am all over velvet right now!)

I never really got the whole "trophy jacket" thing when it first popped up a few years ago, but what I wouldn't give for a FabergĂ© egg inspired, pearl encrusted Balmain jacket! Unfortunately my budget won't stretch to the €32,380.00 price tag of one of those, so here are my more normal-girl friendly picks of Balmain-inspired pieces I want in my wardrobe right now.

Quilted leather jacket - I've been looking at quilted leather jackets like this one from Missguided for ages now. I already have a lovely non-quilted biker, but this one is clearly completely different and therefore a purchase would be completely justified...

Skinny velvet trousers - These Motel Rocks trousers are amazing. They're the same cut as the Jordan Jeans which I own three pairs of and love. I have a pair of black velvet leggings, but I think velvet trousers are a must for Autumn/Winter too now! They also come in a gorgeous dark blue.

Velvet maxi with side split - I love how Balmain made such a glamourous looking (and a bit sexy with the split) skirt seem really cool and casual by pairing it with an oversized biker jacket. This one from Asos is in the sale, so clearly the fates are telling me that it's meant to be and I must buy it!

Pearl embellished jacket - This Lipsy jacket is the closest I've seen to that amazing embellished Balmain suit, but I wish it was longer and more relaxed like the designer version. Currently trying to work out whether it would be a completely mental idea to try and DIY one. I think the answer to that is probably yes!

So, should anyone win the lottery and wish to treat a blogger to some expensive designer gear, I'll be taking Balmain donations over here! What do you all think of the collection? Is it a look you'd wear?


  1. LOVE the pinwheel. Quilted anything=win, so classy!

  2. Anything anything velvet gets a double thumbs up from me this season :) love your blog hun


  3. Autumn fashion is one of my favorite. I love the seasons color and style Very beautiful! I just bought a beautiful Swarovski Jet Pendant. It is a shop in Japan that delivers worldwide ...Check it out.

  4. Superb collection of stylish clothes for winters.. Girls gonna love it, and boys gonna girls wearing these fashion pieces.. Anyway boys, you too prepare yourself for winters and snatch up something form our all time favorite Monteil & Munero..!

  5. Zara has an embellished chiffon bomber that looks just like Balmain. :)


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